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Help us lead the international fight and put an end to human trafficking in Cambodia

The Myrtle Tree Foundation

Human Trafficking

just one of millions

A Cambodian girl is playing at home when suddenly, a stranger appears. He hands her desperate parents some money and takes her away from everything she has every known. It is highly unlikely that she will ever see home again. This innocent girl was sold into the sex trade where she is nothing more than a piece of property, subjected to unspeakable acts of cruelty and abuse. She is just one of millions of Cambodian girls and women who  become victims of one of the fastest growing criminal industries in the world: human trafficking.

help us

start a new life

The Myrtle Tree Foundation gives victims of human trafficking scholarships to college and support to pursue a university degree, start a new life and be a shining voice against the evil and corruption that has gripped Cambodia. Through careful rehabilitation and the opportunity for education, they are able to rediscover their unique character and make peace with their pasts. Help us lead the international fight and put an end to slavery in Cambodia by offering a donation and getting involved to make a lasting difference.

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